Flat Letter Sign Manufacturing incorporates various styles and designs, at KCB Signs we strive to give your business the best signage exposure possible with regards to look, quality and most importantly cost. Flat letter sign manufacturing is one aspect of our entire operation, we install your flat letter signs as well and if ever needed can maintain them too.

Flat Letter Signs can be individual letters or logos made from a variety of materials including: Perspex, ABS, wood, brass, brushed aluminium, natural anodised aluminium or stainless steel. Flat Letter signs can be applied to any surface and illuminated with flood lighting, led or neon tubing. These letters are “flat” cut-outs, meaning they do not have sides. The most common thickness is 2 to 3mm. Most of the flat lettered signs produced are mounted by raising the letters away from its backing using plastic stand-offs or pins. This gives a classy 3-D look.
Flat Letter Sign